April 3 - 2014 List of workshops for this day 

List of workshops for April 3rd, the list of workshops for April 2nd is here:

 FireFly, create interactive programs and devices by manipulating elements graphically 
     FireFly Electronic Kit [ Optional ] 

    FireFly Hardware Electronics Kit

    1) Arduino Uno R3 
    1) 6' USB A/B Cable 
    1) Standard Servo Motor 
    1) DC Motor 
    1) 5V DC Power Adapter 
    1 Firefly Interactive Prototyping Shield

    Fecha: Abril 2, 2014 [ 8 am - 5 pm ]

    NOTA: Tienes que llevar tu computador con Rhino 5 ya instalado!

    NOTA:  Ingles / Traducción al Español

     Introduction to DIVA for Rhino, Environmental Analysis for Buildings 
     Footwear Design & Digital Fabrication 
     V-RAY for Jewelry Designers 
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