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Based on alignment, cross-section information, axis variables, and placements, you can now create 3D parametric models that include realistic 3D geometry and a 100% user-controlled analytical model.

Use this tool as a pre-processor for Bridge Information Modelling and refined Finite Element Analysis.

The SOFiSTiK Grasshopper Toolkit is an extension to Grasshopper. Convert elements like points, curves, or surfaces into structural points, and surfaces. The elements can be attributed with analytical properties like material, cross-section, boundary conditions, or loads. This data can then be directly streamed into a SOFiSTiK project for further analysis and design of the structure.

Stork is a view navigation plugin for Rhino3D. Its main features and areas of use are:

• walking/flying, real-time Rhino3D model exploration with ground and scene objects collisions

• intuitive, flexible and precise camera angle setup and photo-matching

• real-time project presentation or screen-recorded walkthrough video production

• fully implemented Two Point Perspective projection with no limitations known in standard Rhino UI
• no need to export to external software to experience your model from human eye perspective

Stork uses a set of keyboard shortcuts, mouse actions, and popup menus, and is primarily based on [WASD] + MouseLook scene navigation standard known from FPP [ First Person Perspective ] video games, enhanced with Rhino-specific features.

Plug-in developer and structural engineer Clemens Preisinger, along with Matthew Tam from the expert Karamba3D team offer free 40 min Karamba3D online training sessions starting this Friday, April 3.
In their first session, Clemens will be showing some Otto Wagner designed bridges in Karamba3D and the basic structural principles behind some of these Viennese gems.

Date: Friday 3 April 2020
Time: 14:00 – 14:40 (CEST)
Language: English

Fologram for Mobile is available now on the App Store and Google Play to help designers create augmented reality experiences for sharing, learning, modelling and making instantly from Rhino and Grasshopper. Fologram works by streaming your Rhino and Grasshopper models to unlimited connected mobile (and HoloLens) devices over WiFi. Connecting a device is as simple as clicking a button and scanning a generated QR code, no model preparation, game engines or scripting is required. Advanced users can use Fologram to build powerful interactive augmented reality applications by using tracked devices, gestures and markers as inputs to parametric models. See a demo of Fologram in the video below:

Fologram for Mobile is a standalone augmented reality platform for the classroom, studio and workshop. Users can download our Rhino plugin and Fologram for Mobile to stream models, connect multiple devices and work with all Grasshopper components completely for free. Saving models to device and working with unlimited grasshopper parameters can be unlocked with a subscription.

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