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Karamba3D Bake-Off Workshop 

May 3-7, 2021

9:00-11:30 am CEST 

Tutors: Clemens Preisinger, Zeynep Aksöz and Matthew Tam

The 2021 Bake-off Series explores different themes and topics over a one-week-long course. We are inviting architects, engineers, designers to participate in this workshop focusing on parametric structures and design. Participants will be asked to develop a designed structural object within the parametric environment of Grasshopper. Clemens Preisinger, Zeynep Aksöz, and Matthew Tam will guide you through a series of tutorials in Karamba3D, design critiques, and review sessions.

This May, the focus is on structural shells. The course will cover essential methods of design, analysis, and optimization of shells using Karamba3D. The methods will be tested and further investigated through a case study, which will be developed during the course by each participant. The tutorial sessions will be accompanied by working sessions where the participants can ask specific questions to instructors.

Microsoft Teams platform will be the host of this online course. The course will be in English.

What can you expect to achieve at the end of the workshop?

  • Learn the basics of using Karamba3D
  • Design, develop and optimization of structures
  • Set up a parametric structural system using shell elements
  • Work with loads, load cases, and load combinations
  • Interpreting results
  • Create basic animations from Rhino/Grasshopper
  • Create an interactive cloud model

Course Outline

There are five sessions in total, Monday-Friday: 9:00-11:30 am CEST (8:00-10:30 am BST | 3:00-5:30 pm CST | 5:00-5:30 pm AET). Each day there will be a tutorial session, a short work session, and a feedback session.

Course Fee

Professionals (includes academic staff): 300 EUR + VAT/ Students (max. 10 places): 150 EUR + VAT. Maximum seats: 20. If there is no quorum, the course will be canceled 10 days before (April 23).


No prior knowledge of Karamba3D is required for this course, but beneficial. General knowledge of Rhino and Grasshopper, as well as the basics of statics. is highly recommended. You will gain access to our database of learning resources.

Karamba3D 1-year licenses for non-commercial use will be provided to the participants free of charge. Participants should have a working license of Rhino. They can download a three-month trial from the Rhino web site.


Parametric Design Webinar
May 10th, 2021 

Are you interested in gaining parametric competency to push your design skills to the next level? Are you ready to learn a very exciting and powerful tool that will take your ideas and concepts to a whole new realm? 

This Parametric Design Webinar will provide you with the necessary knowledge and ability to use Grasshopper, a free visual programming plugin in Rhinoceros

If you already know Grasshopper and would like to uplift your parametric knowledge, you can choose Option 2. 

  • Option 1: General Webinar for Beginners - 8 Days / 16 hours in total: Starts May 10, 2021 
  • Option 2: Intensive Webinar for Intermediates - 4 Days / 8 hours in total: Starts May 17, 2021 

Time Zone: CET / Berlin Germany Time 

Language: English

Participants will be given a certificate of participation at the end of the webinar.

Complete details, registration, and webinar link...

Join Simply Rhino, Eckersley O’Callaghan, and Karamba3D, for their live and online Grasshopper User Group meeting.

This meeting will have two live presentations. Firstly Sam Gregson, part of the in-house Digital Design Group at engineers Eckersley O’Callaghan in London, will discuss some of his favorite algorithms and give insight into workflows and techniques employed at his practice.

Clemens Preisinger, developer of Karamba3D, will give a short introduction to what Karamba3D is and how it's applied to parametric structural design.

Following the presentations don't miss the live Q&A. A great opportunity to ask your questions and have them answered live during the meeting.

More information and registration...


We are excited to offer a
Step by step Intro to SubD in Rhino 7 online course in English or Spanish!

For designers who need to explore organic shapes quickly, SubD is a new geometry type that can create editable, highly accurate forms. Unlike other geometry types, SubD combines free-form accuracy while still allowing quick editing. Accurate, organic modeling just got easier. Push and pull to explore complex, free-form shapes in real-time.

SubD objects are highly accurate and can be converted directly to manufacturable solids. You can also convert scan or mesh data into SubD objects, then optionally to NURBS.

To register for the course in English, click here.
Para registrarse al curso en Español, cliquea aquí.

Check out Rhino3D.Education for the latest courses on Rhino, Grasshopper, and more!

Enzyme APD has been capitalizing on the power of Archicad and its bidirectional functionality with Rhino and Grasshopper. They bring fabrication and optimization techniques to the design development stage. This webinar shows how the firm transforms its design output, optimizes cost and construction times. Gain an understanding of how custom workflows and tools can go beyond form-finding.

Date: April 20, 2021
Time: 4:00 pm (EST)

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